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News and Announcements

Google at WTMS!

On Tuesday, May 29th, Google came to beta test a new product they were releasing. Our students were able to test out Google's Augmented Reality app before the general public and give feedback to the developers for future implementation in the product.

Augmented Reality is different from virtual reality in the sense that you see the object in your world.  

Students tested out lessons in  Davinci's Inventions, Bees, Pollination, Forces of Nature, The Space Race, and many more all rooted in the Common Core Standards. Students were able to "dip into" several of the visuals on their screens to see what was inside the objects.  Students were also able to change their orientation around the object to see a 3 Dimensional view of what was on their screen.

​​​​​​​At the end of the experience, students again met with Ms. Virginia to go over their impression of the app and what they would like to see in future updates.  The app has
now been released and is available for our school to use to help support instruction in the classroom. Students will begin to see their feedback being implemented as developers make new releases of the software.