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Robotics Challenge

Click on the image to learn more about Winslow Middle School's Robotics season.

The Winslow Robots FIRST Robotics Team rounded out a successful rookie season as they competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge South Jersey Deep Freeze Tournament in Columbus, NJ.  Students worked hard to build and program a robot, then study this year’s FIRST game and practice robot control. The Robotics season involves a series of matches throughout the tournaments that they competed in, in order to move up or down in ranking.  A lot goes into each 3 minute match. Two alliances composed of two teams each compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by locating and delivering Stones and Skystones (special building blocks) from the loading zone to the building zone, building the highest skyscraper, and placing the capstone on top.  The game is played in two distinct periods- a 30 second fully autonomous period and a 1 minute 30-second driver-controlled period. Teams are careful to follow game rules to avoid penalties and use strategy to work together and attain as many points as an alliance in that time-frame. Students worked extremely well as a team to apply their skills, and problem-solve throughout the tournament and we are all proud of their 13th ranking.  (Photos are from both the January 12th Meet and the Tournament on February 22nd. Students are from Mrs. Lepre's STEM classes. The team lead by Mrs. Lepre and Ms. Deal)