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Remote Learning Directions

Please click on the image to learn more about Remote Learning and how the students will access their work for the next few weeks. We have included directions on how to view what students are expected to complete while school is closed.

Remote Learning


Despite the events that have forced schools to close throughout the state, we are assuring that academic instruction continues at Winslow Township Middle School.  The staff at the Middle School has worked extremely hard to create lessons to allow for instruction to continue, while the school is closed. The students will be logging into Google Classroom to access the work from each of their assigned teachers.  The students have been using Google Classroom throughout the school year and will continue to use it from home. Over the next few weeks, the work will be assessed and graded by their designated teachers.  

Students that indicated an issue with limited internet and/or technology at home were provided a work packet prior to being dismissed.  If they were absent or in need of a work packet, they can be picked up at the Middle School on Tuesday, March 17th between the hours of 9 and 3.  

Teachers will be updating Google Classroom daily.  Student work was designed for students to work roughly two hours a day plus an additional thirty minutes for physical activity.  Teachers will be responding to students questions and concerns digitally. If parents have any questions they can contact the teacher via email.  All email addresses are posted on the school website.

Parents and guardians are welcomed to view what students are expected to complete by using the school website.  If you would like to view the weekly plans please follow the directions below:

  • Place your cursor over “PARENTS” towards the top of the screen.

  • Then place your cursor over “Remote Learning”.

  • You will then see a sub menu consisting of all the plans created by the staff.

  • Place your cursor over the desired class and left click the mouse.

  • The plans will appear in a new screen.  

Accommodations for students with individualized needs:

Students’ needs will be addressed on an individual basis using a variety of modalities.  Accommodations will be made for students that take into consideration individual needs and their written plans, such as: differentiated materials, modified text complexity, extended time as needed, adjusted directions, graphic organizers, multi-sensory presentation of materials, and timelines for work completion (including breaking down assignments into chunks).

Please check the district and school website for updates.  

Thank you for your support and we wish everyone to be safe.