Renaissance is a program designed to recognize, reward, and motivate our students who excel in the areas of Academics, Attendance, and Behavior by extending them privileges associated with the attainment of these levels of excellence. In addition, students are expected to participate in school or community activities. Students are recognized for participation in the Renaissance program each marking period. Our goal is to make each student believe they can succeed in school and, therefore life. The purpose of the program is to recognize and reward students with tangible incentives and rewards. Renaissance is a partnership between the students, teacher, parents, school administration, and the community. Renaissance is a commitment to make Winslow Township Middle School a center of academic excellence.

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  • Attendance: No more than three unexcused absences from school during the marking period. No more than three unexcused lates to school during the marking period.
  • Behavior: No disciplinary issues during the marking period.
  • Service: Students are to demonstrate participation in at least one school activity, club, or community activity.

Academic Standards:
  • GREEN CARD: Average of 92 or above
  • BLUE CARD: Average of 83 to 91
  • YELLOW CARD: Average of 65 to 82

*Students may not have a grade below a 65.

*All “incomplete” grades must be cleared up within one week from the last day of the marking period.

*Students must fill out an application in order to participate in Renaissance.  Applications will be submitted electronically.  The link for applications can be found on Homework Now under the Renaissance Program.  Students may reapply each marking period if they are ineligible the marking period before.

*Any abuse of membership rights, responsibilities, and privileges may be grounds for loss of Renaissance membership.

​​​​​​​Advisors:  Ms. Kernaghan & Ms. Kownacki