Gifted & Talented
Program Overview


Winslow Township Middle School Gifted & Talented Program – is a Program for the Development of Multiple Intelligences in Able Learners. The primary objective of our program is to provide a gateway to a passion for learning. This is accomplished by providing thematic units of study that are both challenging and connected to the “real” world. Students deal with current issues, create products in a simulated workplace environment, and are challenged to work toward mastery in a particular intelligence.


Thematic instruction is the organization of a curriculum around conceptual “themes.” Thematic instruction integrates all the major disciplines (reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, and technology) with the exploration of a broad subject, such as communities, conflicts, powers, and energy. Thematic units of study are designed to challenge students to stretch beyond their perceived level of competence, provide complex problems that lend themselves to more than one answer, and empower the students to investigate new ways of thinking about concepts and ideas.

Key Reasons to Use Thematic Units:
  • Increases Student’s Effective Use of Computers and Technology
  • Enhances Cross Curriculum Education
  • Demonstrates the Interdisciplinary Nature of Learning
  • Increases Student Interest in Learning
  • Expands Assessment Strategies
  • Utilizes Collaborative and Cooperative Learning Techniques
  • Focuses the Learner on the Mastery of Objectives
  • Integrates Creative Activities with Learning Exercises
  • Accommodates for Differentiated Instruction
  • Models for Students the Resources Used in Research

  1. To develop and broaden the interests of able students who possess multiple intelligences.
  2. To expand critical thinking skills: the ability to think convergently, divergently, and evaluatively.
  3. To develop problem-solving skills:
    • ability to generalize information
    • ability to apply generalizations to new situations
    • ability to distinguish fact from opinion
    • ability to think critically
    • ability to use the scientific method
    • ability to use creative problem solving techniques
  4. To develop independent research skills.
  5. To foster an appreciation for ethnic and racial likenesses and differences.
  6. To develop the ability to express ideas clearly and fluently in writing and in public speaking.
  7. To develop leadership ability:
    • provide opportunities for discussion among students of equal ability.
    • provide opportunities for shared planning, decision-making, and problem-solving.
  8. To develop the quality of perseverance in the creation of original presentations and products using a variety of materials.
  9. To provide an atmosphere where in a creative process can occur.
  10. To expose students to a variety of local resources in order to develop community awareness.
  11. To provide an opportunity for students to reflect upon their unique qualities and intelligences and to evaluate themselves and their peers.
  12. To develop students’ ability to analyze literature and poetry and to provide opportunities for them to create their own.
  13. To help students to identify and describe current, local, state, national, and international problems and issues and to encourage them to develop possible solutions.
  14. To assist students as they investigate careers.
The Winslow Township School District Board of Directors has approved the Gifted and Talented curriculum for this class in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. As your student’s teachers, our goal is to strive to make ALL the learning activities and lessons your student experiences in class consistent with the National and State Standards for Gifted and Talented Programs. Every activity in which your student engages in will be purposeful. Each lesson will be another step toward meeting and exceeding the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. We want our students to recognize that they have a clear purpose in their work and that they will be successful and well rewarded for their efforts.


The following is a representative list of learning activities that will be used to assist your student’s learning during the year.
  • Reinforcement Activities
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Activity Worksheets
  • Topical Handouts
  • Teaching Transparencies
  • Team Projects
  • Cooperative Learning Activities
  • Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving Activities
  • Reading and Writing Skill Activities
  • Math Skill Activities
  • Educational Videos
  • Related Topical Field Trips (if possible)

  • Notebook
  • Writing utensils
  • Two-pocket folder
  • Personal Flash Drive


Grades are based on the following considerations:
  • Test or Quizzes: 60%
  • Class Activities: 20%
  • Homework: 20%

Quarterly grades are based on daily class work, notebook entries, participation (which includes attendance), quizzes, tests, and major projects such as reports, research papers, or longer independent reading selections. Assignments must have a complete heading and be of appropriate quality. Final copies should be a student’s BEST work.

Grading Scale is as follows:

A = 92% – 100%
B = 83% – 91%
C = 74% – 82%
D = 65% – 73%
F = 64% or below