Works Cited Help
APA Middle School Bibliography Guide
If your teacher has assigned you a bibliography using APA format, start here (from Oregon State Libraries).
Diana Hacker’s Guide to Research and Documentation
can be a one-stop shop.
Easy Bib
This is a wonderful citation maker!
In Text Citation
This is when you credit your source IN the paper (before the works cited page)
Noodle Tools
This is the free version of the citation maker, although you must register to use it.
Oregon State Library Citation Maker
Input your bibliographic information and it will compose an MLA entry. You can switch to APA, if needed.
Purdue University’s Reference List
This links to the APA format help, but easily switch to MLA by using the search option
Read, Write, Think
Citation Builder Fill in your bibliographic source and print
Winslow Township Middle School Library APA Bibliography Guide