Homework Help
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Ben's Guide
The Ben here refers to Benjamin Franklin and the site, put out by the government, provides social studies information.
Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Careers information
CIA World Factbook
Statistical information from the federal government
Dive into websites, activities, apps, and more on all kinds of STEM related topics.
Fact Monster (Holidays)
Another all subject site with lots of information on holidays and observances
Fact Monster (History)
Offers overviews of U.S. History, including bigraphies of U.S. Presidents and links to relevant documents.
How Everything Works
Explains the mechanics of various topics such as inertia, force exertion, and gravity.
Math Concentration
Free math help for Middle School students on a virtual whiteboard and forum.
The Math Dude
Video series that helps Middle School students improve their Algebra skills.
Web Elements
Covers the periodic table of elements and element properties.
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