Coding and Game Design

Coding and Game Design

Like the foundation of a building, computer science and coding is the framework that supports many elements of the world we live in. From security and banking to shopping, travel and social media, we interact with computers and the code that controls them every day. As with any new language, the sooner students are exposed to coding, the easier it will be to develop fluency and apply these skills to a broad range of careers.

The Curriculum: EasyCode Pillars

An interactive curriculum to help students learn key coding principles using Python, a leading programming language. 

EasyCode Pillars

•A comprehensive coding curriculum that leverages projects to engage students and encourages a broader interest in coding careers

•Students learn to code in Python, a professional programming language, making the skills learned relevant and applicable to many careers

•Detailed lesson plans help teachers guide students through each concept, and sample projects & rubrics make it easy to assess student performance

Additional Program exposures for students:


The Bloxels game board is the starting point for every aspect of designing games. Students are able to create rooms, design elements, make characters, and design art. Students are able to accomplish all of the listed task using a board (included in the program) and some blocks. They are able to also build layouts, heroes, game art and backgrounds, all based on our 13x13 grid.

LittleBits for Coding:

LittleBits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks for creating inventions. With LittleBits coding, students learn to program by building games with their own custom code.