Multicultural Club

  • WHAT: The Multicultural Club is a fun and active group open to any WTMS student who is interested in learning more about the cultural diversity in our school. Students will participate throughout the year in monthly discussions, field trips, projects, programs and activities that enhance their understanding and appreciation of the diversity at WTMS.
  • When: The Multicultural Club meets once a month for a meeting and activity.
  • GOALS: To increase cultural awareness and provide opportunities to students to learn and experience aspects of various cultures.
  • MEMBERS: Anyone is welcome to join.
  • Advisors: Ms. LaRoche, and Ms. Murphy
  • Monthly Themes:
    • ​​​​​​​September:  Hispanic Heritage Month
    • October:  The History & Celebration of Halloween
    • November:  Indian New Year:  "Dewali"
    • December:  Christmas Around the World
    • January:  Foreign Films
    • February:  Chinese New Year & Celebrations of Valentine's Day
    • March:  The History & Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day
    • April:  "Carnaval" & International Dance
    • May:  Cinco de Mayo
    • June:  End of Year Celebration