Physical Education

T-Shirts – $8.00
Shorts – $12.00
Gym Bags – $7.00
Combination locks DO NOT HAVE TO BE ORDERED. Our Master CombinationLocks ($4.50) can be purchased at any time from Health and PE staff.

Health and P.E. Staff

Mr. Chad Scott – Athletic Coordinator
Mr. Joe Duphorn
Mrs. Denise Luciano
Mr. Tim Shaw
Ms. Stefanie Weller

Physical Education and Health

The middle school comprehensive health and physical education program focuses on providing students the skills and knowledge to better achieve and maintain physical, social and emotional health throughout their lives. The program at the middle school level focuses on building on the health and fitness skills learned and developed at the elementary level. Students are encouraged to develop pride, a feeling of self-worth, good character and self-respect as participants in the health and physical education classes. Students learn how to respect and get along with people while developing an appreciation of life-time fitness. They will also learn about maintaining good health and developing an understanding of human growth and development.

Physical Education 7th and 8th Grades

The purpose of these courses is to provide for the continued growth and development of individual student’s psychomotor skills. These courses will enable students to understand rules, basic strategies and tactics of individual activities and group sports. Students will experience games and challenges involving trust, problem solving and cooperation. The students will also learn how to positively interact with other students, at play, in different activities. Physical fitness is another area of physical education that all students will explore. Concepts of health-related fitness and how each concept contributes to wellness will be explored. Students will be encouraged to develop a fitness plan using data from health assessments and physical fitness testing.

7th Grade Health

The primary focus of this marking period course will be on mental and social health. The students will gain an understanding of how a positive self-concept, communicating feeling and coping with stress are the key ingredients of good mental health. The students will also explore the area of social health and the importance of building healthy relationships inside and outside the family. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco units of study will emphasize the health hazards associated with each. Also included in this course will be an overview of communicable diseases, including HIV and AIDS.

8th Grade Health

The focus of this one marking period course will help the students develop an understanding of the basic units of human sexuality. Establishing student’s values and maintaining a positive self-image will be discussed in connection with dating and relationships. Changes during puberty and the functions of the human reproductive systems will be studied. The students will learn to develop strategies to support sexual abstinence; however, the program does provide information regarding all methods of birth control. The impact of early sexual activity on one’s personal, emotional and social health will also be topics of class discussion.

Grading in Physical Education

70% – Preparation
  • UNIFORM : Plain grey t-shirt and forest green shorts
  • Warnings will be given for any inappropriate clothing.
  • Subsequent uniform infractions will result in receiving an unprepared (full or partial) for the day.
  • Six (6) “unprepared” grades in one marking period will result in a failing grade for the marking period.
  • Participation- actively involved in ALL P.E. activities.

30% – Activity Grade
  • Combination of written tests and/or performance indicators (PE Rubric)

Uniform Prices
  • T-Shirts – $8.00
  • Shorts – $12.00
  • Gym Bags – $7.00
  • Gym Locks – $4.50

  • The teacher will take attendance six minutes after the late bell. Students are to be in squad lines immediately after dressing.
  • Locker rooms will be locked after the late bell to insure security. Students with a pass may be permitted to enter and dress if time allows. Any student without a pass, who is late will not be permitted to dress out and will receive a “zero” (0) for the day.


Misconduct and inappropriate behavior will be handled in accordance with the STUDENT HANDBOOK. Any problems and students will be removed from class and sent to the appropriate grade level Assistant Principal’s Office.

Gym and Locker Room Rules
  • P.E. uniform is to be worn properly.
  • No food or drinks in gym or locker rooms.
  • No gum.
  • No jewelry during P.E. classes.
  • Proper athletic footwear is required (sneaker- no boots of any kind).
  • Medicals go to nurse during homeroom.
  • No hanging on ladder, rims, ropes or any other equipment.
**Unprepared students are NOT PERMITTED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS.
  • Dismiss from locker rooms at designated times.
  • No put downs.

Gym Lockers
  • Keep all valuables LOCKED up in a locker.
  • Do not bring large sums of money to school.
  • Double check locker before exiting locker room.
  • Mark your clothing with you name.
  • Do not give the combination to your lock to other people.
  • DO NOT LEAVE LOCKS ON LOCKERS OVERNIGHT (they will be cut off)